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When I teach a survey of the colonial history of Latin America, I often focus on the era’s cultural history, and specifically on the issue of hegemony and resistance. Students examine the various mechanisms (in particular, ways of thinking about gender, race, and religion) that the Spanish monarch, the church, and the colony’s ruling elites employed to control the much larger non-elite and non-European populations whose labor and resources they extracted. Students also discuss the extent to which such mechanisms were effective: Did the population of Latin America seem to absorb these ideologies, or did they maintain different views of themselves and their positions in society?

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Nobody knows what would have happened, if Christopher Columbus did not discover the New World. It can be firmly stated that the history would be different. However, everything is always for the best. The consequences of the colonization of Latin America are numerous. Thus, it should be said that the colonization had a great cultural impact on the natives of Latin America. The populations and cultures of the indigenous peoples of America experienced a great number of changes because of the Spanish colonization of their lands. The intermarriages, labor conditions and the circumstances of the invasion itself greatly influenced the number of Latin American population, their culture, religious beliefs and inherent values that the natives had before.

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The above research has analyzed different aspects of the Spanish colonization of Latin America. It explored such aspects as the reasons, circumstances, methods and outcomes of the colonization of the New World by the Spaniards. Finally, it needs to be admitted that the Spanish colonization of the Latin American lands brought about a great number of changes to the entire history of America. And these changes are evident even in the present day Latin America that has gained its independence long ago and the times of colonization are now simply a part of the history.

It was the first time in American history that women played a significant role in a war.

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From Evita Peron to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, women have always played key roles in the history of Latin America. Here are a few of the more important ones, in no particular order:
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Latin American Paintings. Essay by The overall structure of colonial art history is remarkably similar throughout Latin America, Africa, South America.

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Since, the concept and definitions of Latin American are very modern, going back only to the nineteenth century, it is anachronistic to talk about "a history of Latin America" before the arrival of the Europeans. Nevertheless, the many and varied cultures that did exist in the period had a strong and direct influence on the societies that emerged as a result of the conquest, and therefore, they cannot be overlooked. They are introduced in the next section.

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A broad historical overview of Hispanic-American women’s history focusing on issues of gender, sexuality, and the family as they relate to women, as well as the historiographical issues in Latin American and Chicana women’s history.