Historiographical Essay on Slavery

, as a distinct field of historical study, emerged as an independent academic field in the 1980s. It focused on the examination of history from a global perspective and looked for common patterns that emerged across all cultures. The basic thematic approach of this field was to analyse two major focal points: – (how processes of world history have drawn people of the world together), and difference – (how patterns of world history reveal the diversity of the human experience).

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With such questions in mind, how, at a practical level, do you goabout gathering sources to read?

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Your historiography should establish:

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Your historiography may also explain:

What Is A Historiographical Essay - What Is A Historiographical Essay

Urban saw Alexios's request as a dual opportunity to cement Western Europe and reunite the with the under his rule. On 27 November 1095, Pope Urban II called together the , and urged all those present to take up arms under the sign of the and launch an armed to recover Jerusalem and the East from the Muslims. The response in Western Europe was overwhelming.

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Alexios had anticipated help in the form of mercenary forces from the West, but he was totally unprepared for the immense and undisciplined force that soon arrived in Byzantine territory. It was no comfort to Alexios to learn that four of the eight leaders of the main body of the Crusade were Normans, among them Bohemund. Since the crusade had to pass through Constantinople, however, the Emperor had some control over it. He required its leaders to swear to restore to the empire any towns or territories they might reconquer from the Turks on their way to the Holy Land. In return, he gave them guides and a military escort.
The following example is from "Women on the Third Crusade," by Helen Nicholson:

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largely eliminated divine causality in his account of the war between Athens and Sparta, establishing a rationalistic element which set a precedent for subsequent Western historical writings. He was also the first to distinguish between cause and immediate origins of an event, while his successor (c. – 355) introduced autobiographical elements and character studies in his .

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, sometimes called the "new social history," is a broad branch that studies the experiences of ordinary people in the past.[] It had major growth as a field in the 1960s and 1970s, and still is well represented in history departments. However, after 1980 the "cultural turn" directed the next generation to new topics.[] In the two decades from 1975 to 1995, the proportion of professors of history in U.S. universities identifying with social history rose from 31% to 41%, while the proportion of political historians fell from 40% to 30%.

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Alexios was able to recover a number of important cities and islands, and in fact much of western Asia Minor. Nevertheless, the Catholic/Latin crusaders believed their oaths were invalidated when Alexios did not help them during the siege of Antioch (he had in fact set out on the road to Antioch but had been persuaded to turn back by , who assured him that all was lost and that the expedition had already failed). Bohemund, who had set himself up as , briefly went to war with the Byzantines, but he agreed to become Alexios' vassal under the in 1108, which marked the end of the Norman threat during Alexios' reign.