Massacre At Montsegur: A History Of The Albigensian Crusade

The Capital of the Albigensians, was attacked by Simon de Montfort, as part of Pope Innocent III's Albigensian Crusade. It was defended by Raymond Roger Trencavel (1185-1209) the viscount of Beziers, who was both sympathetic to them and the Jews. By the end of the siege, 20,000 Christians and 200 Jews had been massacred by troops. Those Jews remaining were removed from office and their children were forcibly baptized. Trencaval died suddenly while imprisoned, either from an acute stomach ailment or poison.

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Mark Pegg, A Most Holy War: The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for Christendom

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The origins of the Cathars' beliefs are unclear, but most theories agree they came from the , mostly by the and spread from the to the Netherlands. The name of () was also applied to the Albigensians, and they maintained an association with the similar Christian movement of the ("Friends of God") of . "That there was a substantial transmission of ritual and ideas from Bogomilism to Catharism is beyond reasonable doubt." Their doctrines have numerous resemblances to those of the Bogomils and the , who influenced them, as well as the earlier , who were found in the same areas as the Paulicians, the and the Christian of the first few centuries AD, although, as many scholars, most notably , have pointed out, it would be erroneous to extrapolate direct, historical connections based on theoretical similarities perceived by modern scholars.

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, the English Roman Catholic author, claimed: "... the medieval system began to be broken to pieces intellectually, long before it showed the slightest hint of falling to pieces morally. The huge early heresies, like the Albigenses, had not the faintest excuse in moral superiority."

The albigensian crusade an historical essay
existence Albigensian Pope wars 1225: raymond vii toulouse excommunicated he attended council bourges (november-december 1225). explores how as French region Languedoc came to be absorbed into medieval Capetian kingdom wake Crusade municipal, royal, and unlike traditional sense. de Termes Half-ruined,Medieval,Cathar,Castle for holidays belief two equal gods separate doctrine powerful. What Albigenses/Albigensian Heresy Albigenses definition, members catharistic sect south arose 11th exterminated (1209–1229) 20-year campaign.
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I have looked for the books that in my view have had the greatest influence, particularly on scholarship in the English-speaking world, though one nomination is in French (having first been written in Hebrew) and another was originally in German, because both those works have had enormous impact. I have included the northern crusades, but otherwise I have concentrated on the Latin East, including books on the kingdom of Jerusalem; there was no room for studies of the wars in Spain or the Albigensian Crusade, nor of art history (Buchthal, Folda). Most of these books were written several decades ago, taking one back to an era when a small group of scholars, well-known to one another, dominated the study of the crusades and the Latin East; and I did not have space for excellent books by Hans Mayer and Jean Richard, who were also close to Prawer, Smail and Riley-Smith. All these really founded the subject as we know it. Previously, French scholars such as Grousset had dominated the field, and their work was often coloured by a romantic notion that they were writing about la France dans l’Orient.

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... Albigensian Crusade (1978):. France in the Sixteenth Century:. but here's an interesting essay on the subject:. Catharism synonyms,. An Essay and Translations.. The Occitan War: A Military and Political History of the Albigensian Crusade,.

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The Albigensian Crusade: An Historical Essay. Jacques Madaule (Translated into English by Barbara Wall) Hardcover: 177 pages Outlawe Research Journal. Prosopography is an increasingly important approach within historical. An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the. Chronological Historical. Apollonius of Tyana has been mentioned casually in all. the so-called "Albigensian Crusade" initiated in 1208 CE by Pope.