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Free signup required to download or reading online Remaking English Society book. A tribute to the work of Keith Wrightson, Remaking English Society re-examines the relationship between enduring structures and social change in early modern England. Collectively, the essays in the volume reconstruct the fissures and connections that developed both within and between social groups during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Focusing on the experience of rapid economic and demographic growth and on related processes of cultural diversification, the contributors address fundamental questions about the character of English society during a period of decisive change. Prefaced by a substantial introduction which traces the evolution of early modern social history over the last fifty years, these essays (each of them written by a leading authority) not only offer state-of-the-art assessments of the historiography but also represent the latest research on a variety of topics that have been at the heart of the development of 'the new social history' and its cultural turn: gender relations and sexuality; governance and litigation; class and deference; labouring relations, neighbourliness and reciprocity; and social status and consumption. STEVE HINDLE is W. M. Keck Foundation Director of Research at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. ALEXANDRA SHEPARD is Reader in History, University of Glasgow. JOHN WALTER is Professor of History, University of Essex. Contributors: Helen Berry, Adam Fox, H. R. French, Malcolm Gaskill, Paul Griffiths, Steve Hindle, Craig Muldrew, Lindsay O'Neill, Alexandra Shepard, Tim Stretton, Naomi Tadmor, John Walter, Phil Withington, Andy Wood

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Keith E. Wrightson is Randolph W. Townsend Jr. Professor of History at Yale University. He received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University and has taught at the Universities of St Andrews (1975-84), Cambridge (1984-99) and Yale (since 1999). He is a Fellow of the British Academy (1996) and of the Royal Historical Society (1986), and an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. His publications include English Society, 1580-1680 (1982); Earthly Necessities. Economic Lives in Early Modern Britain (2000); Poverty & Piety in an English Village: Terling 1525-1700 (with David Levine, 1979); The Making of an Industrial Society: Whickham, 1560-1765 (with David Levine, 1991), and many essays on the social, economic, and cultural history of early modern England.

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