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Provide several topic ideas related to your study of African-American history. You could ask students to choose an African-American leader or historical figure they think we should honor on a stamp, and then write a letter to the post office persuading officials to create the stamp. Another idea is to have them to think about all the inventions they have studied that African-Americans created, such as the 300 items created from peanuts by George Washington Carver. Then ask them to write persuasive essays on which invention they think is the most important. Perhaps instead of focusing on Black History Month to study the achievements of African-Americans, students could write persuasive essays with ideas about how we can study and celebrate notable African-Americans and historical events throughout the year.

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(Edward Morris, , History News Network, April 3, 2016)By the 1990s, in the US, Glass-Steagall and other New Deal legislation was under siege by those who believed in the virtues of free markets, globalization and the removal of 'obstacles' which prevented American banks from growing larger so that they could "better compete on the world stage".Peter Conti-Brown, in a discussion of Bank of England proposals "to provide a ring-fence of protection and business continuity for retail banking units of large banks, effectively shielding them from problems their investment banking arms may face", spelt out the process by which Glass-Steagall legislation was progressively dismantled over the years:Enacted as a response to the Great Depression of the 1930s, Glass-Steagall originally also sought separation of banking activities, but was progressively watered down before being repealed in 1999. "[Former Federal Reserve chairman] Alan Greenspan hated Glass-Steagall and he subjected it to 10,000 cuts in terms of regulatory waivers and loopholes and such," Black said. "By the time it was effectively repealed in 1999 under Bill Clinton, there wasn't a whole lot left of Glass-Steagall."

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(Awolowo 1947, pp. 24,48-9)A passage from a 1924 speech by Prince Marc Kojo Tovalou Houènou, a Dahomeyan (now Benin) who fought for France in the 1st World War, provided a bleak African perspective on the 'colonial experience':Europe has inaugurated in the Colonies an area of veritable savagery and real barbarism which is carried out with science and premeditation - with all the art and all the refinement of civilization. The unfortunate natives have mingled their destinies with yours...We understand nothing of the egotistic and barbarous aims sought by certain civilized people who believe that civilization can only reach its zenith by ignoring original laws, and by debasing and enslaving men who have the natural right to live, to evolve, and to attain the full expression of their being......The problem arose at the moment of the discovery of America when Europeans intoxicated by glory, adventure, and above all by rapine, sought to conquer new territories which did not belong to them.They destroyed the aborigines - exterminated them! Then, terrified at the void they had created around them and being themselves incapable of labor, they turned to Africa for workmen. It was Africa that furnished contingents for penal labor - this Africa with whose unhappy history you are unacquainted but which some day, one of her sons will outline for you in darts of fire, - a monument of shame for that civilization of which you boast. Without humanity there is no civilization!If the monsters, full of vice, sodden with alcohol, contaminated by disease, whom you send to us, have nothing else to offer than what they have already given us, then keep them yourselves, and let us revert to our misery and our barbarity. The whole fatality that burdens Eschyllian tragedies cannot compare with the blackness of the African tragedy.Under cover of civilization, men are hunted like deers, plundered, robbed, killed; and these horrors are presented afterwards in eloquent orations as blessings. Hypocrisy and knavery are added to crimes!

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29 Feb 2016 Essay On What Black History Means To Me As Black History Month comes to an end, we asked a group of young the cultural critic Margo Jefferson wrote in her essay "Eccentricity" about the So, for me, Black History Month is a little bit of a slap in the face in terms Essay On What Black History Means To Me of

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The first interpretation of African history is the responsibility of scholars of African descent. John Henrik Clarke. What black history means to me: We are Essay On What Black History Means To Me Essay On What Black History Means To Me the

Black History Month Persuasive Essay Black history month is the month of February when there is awareness of the history of African Americans and the

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Consequences of the Black Death essays I believe that the Black Death had many consequences, good and bad, on European history. In example, it killed thousands of