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This quote implies that when events happen, we do not learn from them so they happen again. Wars are started and ended with dreadful consequences yet almost as soon as one is ended another begins. Nothing is learned from the mistakes so history repeats itself. Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes occur frequently throughout the world yet we still continue to pollute the atmosphere causing even greater disasters to the climate and environment.

History repeats itself, but always with variations on the theme.

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Except have a panic attack, while history repeats itself.

Perhaps because of the simplicity of its definition and its ubiquitous presence in formulae, has been represented in popular culture more than other mathematical constructs.

“History never repeats itself but it rhymes,” said Mark Twain.

A few authors have used the digits of to establish a new form of , where the word lengths are required to represent the digits of . The contains the first 3835 digits of in this manner, and the full-length book contains 10,000 words, each representing one digit of .

"History repeats itself. Historians repeat each other."- Philip Guedalla

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I’m sure that practically everyone has heard the words how “history repeats itself,”and surely there is no mistaking how providence once again hurled the 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry to the forefront of this significant event in the early days of the American Civil War.

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Then the Lord God answered Job from the whirlwind:

"Why are you using your ignorance to deny my providence?
Now get ready to fight, for I am going to demand some answers from you, and you must reply.

"Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Tell me, if you know so much.
Do you know how its dimensions were determined, and who did the surveying?
What supports its foundations, and who laid its cornerstone,
as the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?"
Somehow, in spite of what we learn, we forget. History threatens to repeat itself once more.

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Supreme Court is making a lot of noise these day, for good and bad both. Recently, Supreme Court made a groundbreaking judgement, wherein criticizing a government or its’ policies does not amount to sedition. Many people than required are getting afflicted with charges of sedition because of being ‘anti-national’ in nature.

Yet somehow, in spite of what we learn, we forget. History threatens to repeat itself once more.

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Achilles had been pitying Patroclus, but mainly himself, but the feeling to which Priam has directed him now is exactly the same as tragic pity. Achilles is looking at a human being who has chosen to go to the limits of what is humanly possible to search for something that matters to him. The wonder of this sight takes Achilles out of his self-pity, but back into himself as a son and as a sharer of human misery itself. All his old longings for glory and revenge fall away, since they have no place in the sight in which he is now absorbed. For the moment, the beauty of Priam's terrible action re-makes the world, and determines what matters and what doesn't. The feeling in this moment out of time is fragile, and Achilles feels it threatened by tragic fear. In the strange fusion of this scene, what Achilles fears is himself; "don't irritate me any longer now, old man," he says when Priam tries to hurry along the return of Hector's body, "don't stir up my heart in its griefs any more now, lest I not spare even you yourself' (560, 568-9). Finally, after they share a meal, they just look at each other. "Priam wondered at Achilles, at how big he was and what he was like, for he seemed equal to the gods, but Achilles wondered at Trojan Priam, looking on the worthy sight of him and hearing his story" (629-32). In the grip of wonder they do not see enemies. They see truly. They see the beauty in two men who have lost almost everything. They see a son a father should be proud of and a father a son should revere.

Somehow, in spite of what we learn, we forget. History threatens to repeat itself once more.

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Mark Twain did use the prefatory phrase “History never repeats itself” in a novel he co-wrote with his neighbor Charles Dudley Warner. The 1874 edition of “The Gilded Age: A Tale of To-Day” employed wonderfully vivid figurative language based on a kaleidoscope: