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I never really knew the history of Halloween. This essay is filled with information on how halloween came to be. This essay kept me informed and kepts my eyes glued on the screen. Well done Christa!

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I like Halloween, so the history of it was very interesting. I enjoyed this essay very much.

Essay 2-The History of Halloween

Kids and even many adults love getting dressed up for Halloween. And they love the candy, of course. It’s just innocent fun, isn’t it—or is it? But let’s think carefully and biblically about the history, nature, and impact of the holiday.

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Personally everybody loves Halloween because I could be someone else one day out of the year. It’s fun and entertaining, especially for kids. Halloween also has a lot of history. Many myths and beliefs say that witches and warlocks are alive and living among us. Is this a trick or a truthful treat?

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I really like the transitions in your essay. Everything was very well put together and had a great flow to it. The history of Halloween was really interesting and unexpected; I didn’t know Halloween had such a long and rich history. Overall it was a very strong essay. Good job!

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I love this time of year!!! I haven’t thought about Halloween’s history for a long time. I recall it having to do with a pagan tradition to ward off evil spirits during the change of seasons, so I thank you for this wonderful and informative essay. It was brief but to the point. I’m sure you had a lot of fun doing research. I especially love the legend of Jack. Bravo!!!

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This essay was very interesting because I love Halloween and all that comes with it! So knowing the history behind it kept me very interested;for example, how the Celts believed that the 31st was the day when the season of life came into contact with the season of death and how halloween was originally a celebration of the end of summer. I also liked how I learned that this holiday came from Celtic Ireland! I always thought Halloween was simply an American holiday, but knowing that Halloween didn’t make its way to America until the 19th century, was a very interesting fact! Great job!
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This web quest was designed for students in grades 6-8. Students will research the History of Halloween. Then the students will create a short essay on the History of Halloween. They will also create a time line, and/or poster of the History of Halloween. Students will have worksheets and other activities to complete through out the lesson.

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I enjoyed reading about the history of Halloween. It is always fascinating to learn about the history behing our traditions. I am also of Irish decent so it was interesting to find out that my favorite holiday goes back to my ancestors. I particularly liked the tale of the jack-o-lantern, it is a nice ghost story to tell my family. I did know about All Hallows Eve but did not realize the Celtics called it that due to the pope creating All Saints day. It is neat that all through the years we still do these traditions and a lot of people don’t know why. I can see why Halloween brings in billions each year; it is one of the most celebrated holidays. I am glad to see some traditions are not still in effect such as sacrificing. This essay was a pleasure to read and it is always great to learn something new.

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This essay had a lot of detail about halloween that was very intresting that I had no idea about. The essay made me want to keep reading it to get to know more, it drew me in with the 1st paragraph. I never would have thought about halloween having that much history behind it. Very good essay!