A-Level students are being assigned by their teachers a level essay in order to enhance their writing skills. In A level essays, students have to provide insights on the topics of their general interest. Proper structuring is one of the key aspects of getting the high grade in a level essay but some students do not structure their essay properly and get failed in their A level essays.
Here is a step by step guideline for students in order to help students in structuring a level history essay and a level art essay:


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If you are shortlisted, your submitted work and UCAS personal statement may form starting points for discussion in your interview. Some colleges may require you to read a short passage of historical writing which they will ask you to discuss as part of the interview process. The tutors are not so much interested in the level of your knowledge as in your ability to think historically.

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All candidates are required to send in an essay on an historical topic of A2 level, or equivalent, written in their own time as part of their normal school or college work by Friday 10 November 2017.

I got an A :P But that was Scottish Higher History so possibly not relevant unless you just want  History essay :P

Is there anywhere that I can view example AS and A2 level history essays for free, preferably with a grade? I'm doing the A level in one year, and would

Step 1 (Introduction): Students are usually given a question in a level history essay; therefore, their thesis statement of this a level essay should be well directed towards that question. Topic sentence of introductory paragraph should also reflect the thesis statement of an essay.

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Is there anywhere that I can view example AS and A2 level history essays for free, preferably with a grade?

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Essays on Twentieth-Century History has considerable value in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In both instances, the collection challenges readers to reconsider—or perhaps consider—the significance of the twentieth century in the still-developing narrative of global history. The various essays are accessible, provocative, and with many essays offering essential bibliographies, they represent a starting point for historians and historians in training."

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Despite, or perhaps because of, its very ubiquity, freedom has never been a fixed category or concept. Rather, it has been the subject of persistent conflict in American history. The history of American freedom is a tale of debates, disagreements, and struggles rather than a set of timeless categories or an evolutionary narrative toward a preordained goal. And the meaning of freedom has been constructed at all levels of society—not only in congressional debates and political treatises, but on plantations and picket lines, in parlors and even in bedrooms.

These notes and essays are typical of the sixth-form history work which had remained largely unchanged since the introduction of A level in 1951

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Good English essays pay close attention to detail, noting specific words, phrases and a writer has used, and to what effect. They quote liberally from the text in order to support each point, deconstructing the writing and analysing the use of language; they look at different interpretations, seeing beyond the surface and picking up on possible deeper meanings and connotations. But they also consider the meaning of the piece as a whole, and the overall effect created by the specific details noted. All this should be considered within the framework of the genre and context of the piece of writing. For instance, a poem by William Wordsworth would be considered within the context of the Romantic poets, and might be compared with work by contemporary poets such as Shelley or Keats; the historical background might also be touched upon where relevant (such as the Industrial Revolution when discussing the poetry of William Blake).