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Credit for enrollment in approved study abroad programs.

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Immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack, angry citizens bombarded Kimmel with denunciations and even death threats. More than one politician publicly suggested that he should consider suicide. A sample of this vilification was included in the ninth chapter of his book.

Credit for enrollment in approved study abroad programs.

The expected length is 25-30 pages, although the quality of the work is much more important than the length. Students will not receive credit for grades lower than B. Before beginning work on the Master’s Essay, the student will be required to file his or her proposal with the department.

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This course is required as the final capstone course, in lieu of the thesis, for all Graduate Performance majors in the following concentrations: Applied instruments or Voice, Choral or Wind Conducting, during the semester of their recital. Includes a 60-minute performance and oral comprehensive exam based on the literature performed.

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This course is required as the final capstone course, in lieu of the thesis, for all students in the Commercial Music concentration or Composition option of the Master of Music degree. This course is taken during the semester of the student's final project or composition preparation and oral comprehensive exams based on the project prepared or the techniques and processes implemented in the composition.
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Directed Independent Study (ANG 6905) 1-4 credits

Cultural Phase' The Great, 1857 was a turning point in the established historiographical approach to political colonialism. With this event ended the 'civilizing' role of the white regime. The new policy of the crown's regime was not to interfere into Indian life and institutions and to rule India with the fullest regard to Indian ways of life. In other words, the theory of the superiority of western civilisation over the Indian culture was modified. Instead an approach to accommodation and appreciation of Indian culture was adopted. It was felt that India could be better managed by means of cultural appreciation, if not assimilation. This was also the time when European age of enlightenment reached a stage to discover, appreciate and conserve world cultures. Such an outlook actually drove Sir to establish the and study the man and nature of Asia. But his movement remained confined to a very marginal class of intellectuals among the white. The Sepoy Revolt changed the scenario.

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Historians and the end of slavery

The , the sacred text of , contains that the basis of a providential history of humankind from Adam through , the founder of Islam. Another valuable resource for Islamic historians is the (the traditions or sayings of Muhammad), which is arranged in such a way that lines of transmission can be traced back to those who knew the Prophet. Chains of authorities were thus to early Islamic theology and historiography, which naturally lent themselves to annalistic treatment.

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South America Before Columbus (ANT 3165) 3 credits

A survey of analytic and pedagogic problems in the field of music theory, including a study of materials and publications currently available. May not be taken for M.M. in Music degree credit.