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The Public Works Historical Society publishes its popular Essays in Public Works History Series to provide a forum for historians and practitioners to publish articles on public works topics.

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Public Administration and History are closely connected with each other. Of course in the past this closeness was not so deep, as it is today because history was not mainly written with a view of depicting public administration of the age. But still there are some useful works which throw a flood of light on the administrative setup of a monarch.

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Public-Private Partnerships: Privatization in Historical Perspective, Essay Number 16, David Beito with Bruce Smith, Charles D. Jacobson, and Ann D. Keating, December 1989. There are few issues as contentious as privatization in public works. This historical perspective provides an understanding of how public-private partnerships have worked in the past, when certain solutions were attractive, and what problems remained unsolved. David Beito shows that privatization is a historical solution to public works problems in St. Louis where private street associations provided a wide range of services and facilities to their members between 1869 and 1920. Charles Jacobson explores why contracting for water needed for fire protection proved disastrous, while contracting for electric street lighting was quite successful, in municipalities across the country. Ann Keating identifies the historical materials already available, as well as areas in which more research would aid current discussions on the construction, ownership, and operation of public works facilities (out of print).

Essays in public works history
Essays in public works history

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Every two weeks we publish a new long-form essay which seeks to offer insight and reflection upon public domain works and the oft overlooked histories which surround them.

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Completed manuscripts can be 50 to 150 pages in length. They should be well-documented, but not written exclusively for an academic audience. They should be original (i.e., not published before in full and final form). Preference is given for subjects that address events and people from North America. The series includes historical papers on a variety of public works topics, such as:

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Public Works and Public Health: Reflections on Urban Politics and Environment, 1880-1925, Essay Number 19, Sarah Elkind, 1999. This essay uses a comparison of regional public works in metropolitan Boston and Oakland to explore the changes in public works policy and its relation to history of American cities, political institutions and the urban environment.