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To make maters worse, we are then taken to (American History) Professor Nelson Lichtenstein of UC Santa Barbara, who talks about the Austrian (a.k.a. free market) idea of "creative destruction" in a very abbreviated way. The impression left to a viewer who has never heard the phrase before is that "creative destruction" is only "creative" in the manner in which it destroys. The idea that economic "destruction" of outmoded means of production and distribution also creates new opportunities and a rich economy for everyone is not made clear (though it may have been in the part of Professor Lichtenstein's answer left on the cutting room floor for all I know).

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To seal the deal on this fearful vision of economic freedom, we are shown some small town middle Americans who have lost their jobs to the Chinese (specifically in the TV manufacturing industry). This situation is further inflamed by allegation that the Chinese have been "dumping" goods on the U.S. market -- selling them below cost, thus shooting themselves in the foot to give us better prices -- and Wal-Mart supported the Chinese in the insuring legal battle. All of this, it is alleged, has lead to unemployment among young people who once worked in small town factories. Mr. Smith asks in a very concerned voice, "What are those kids going to do?" How about, go to college? Start a business? Move to another area? You may think such answers "heartless" but the cradle to grave "security" mentality is the truly heartless position because it does not work. The Chinese learned this, to a degree, and that is why they abandoned some of their State planning for private planning. To think that we will be more successful by abandoning freedom for protectionism (the first step in State planning) is farcical. What are we going to do, force plants not to close and guarantee everyone a job? When in human history has that worked?

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The History Of Walmart When Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store in 1962, it was the beginning of an American success story that no one could have predicted.

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The documentary goes on like this, promoting fears that China might "dominate" the U.S., which is just pathetic. Chinese Communism, like all forms of collectivism, is a failure and that is why they have been forced die a Soviet-style death, starve like North Korea or Westernize (i.e. move toward a free market based on private property). To think that they will ever overtake the U.S. and "dominate" us is a very childish take on reality. That is like arguing that the "destruction" of the family farm -- there was a time when more than 90% of Americans farmed -- has meant the destruction of the American economy. In fact, it is just the opposite. Every time you make goods and services cheaper you open up new opportunities for economic activity and growth. At worst, the Chinese will remain in a part-free, part-slave state of development, which will never surpass the prosperity of a free society like ours (unless, against all reason and human history you do not believe in freedom) or, at best, the Chinese will finally throw out the Communists and really embrace a free market mindset, which will vastly improve the standard of living on both sides of the Pacific.

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One thing can be said for American nationalism. It has led to every major war, every bad policy, every bit of government corruption at the federal level, and every political conflict in American history. Americans don’t like top-down government unless they control the levers of power. The only solution is to rebuke Hamiltonian nationalism and return to the Jeffersonian vision of federalism and limited central power. There would be fewer wars, less political conflict, and a happier and more prosperous people.