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The growth in women's football has seen major competitions being launched at both and level mirroring the male competitions. Women's football has faced many struggles. It had a "golden age" in the United Kingdom in the early 1920s when crowds reached 50,000 at some matches; this was stopped on 5 December 1921 when England's Football Association voted to ban the game from grounds used by its member clubs. The FA's ban was rescinded in December 1969 with UEFA voting to officially recognise women's football in 1971. The was inaugurated in 1991 and has been held every four years since, while women's football has been an Olympic event .

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As was the case in Britain, by the early 19th century, North American schools and universities played their own local games, between sides made up of students. For example, students at in played a game called , a variant of the association football codes, as early as the 1820s. They remained largely "" style games, with huge numbers of players attempting to advance the ball into a goal area, often by any means necessary. Rules were simple, violence and injury were common. The violence of these mob-style games led to widespread protests and a decision to abandon them. , under pressure from the city of , banned the play of all forms of football in 1860, while followed suit in 1861. In its place, two general types of football evolved: "kicking" games and "running" (or "carrying") games. A hybrid of the two, known as the "", was played by a group known as the . The club, considered by some historians as the first formal in the United States, was formed in 1862 by schoolboys who played the "Boston game" on . The game began to return to American college campuses by the late 1860s. The universities of Yale, (then known as the College of New Jersey), , and all began playing "kicking" games during this time. In 1867, Princeton used rules based on those of the English .

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In July 1858, , an Australian-born cricketer educated at in England, wrote a letter to , calling for a "foot-ball club" with a "code of laws" to keep cricketers fit during winter. This is considered by historians to be a defining moment in the creation of Australian rules football. Through publicity and personal contacts Wills was able to co-ordinate football matches in Melbourne that experimented with various rules, the first of which was played on July 31, 1858. One week later, Wills umpired a schoolboys match between and . Following these matches, organised football in Melbourne rapidly increased in popularity.

The History Of Soccer More than 240 million people around the world play soccer regularly according to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
Various forms of football can be identified in history, often as popular games. Contemporary codes of football can be traced back to during the nineteenth century. The expanse of the allowed these rules of football to spread to areas of British influence outside of the directly controlled Empire. By the end of the nineteenth century, distinct regional codes were already developing: Gaelic football, for example, deliberately incorporated the rules of local traditional football games in order to maintain their heritage. In 1888, was founded in England, becoming the first of many football competitions. During the twentieth century, several of the various kinds of football grew to become some of the most popular team sports in the world.
Where did the history of soccer originate? A look back at when it all began and where we're at today!

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In the 16th century, the city of celebrated the period between and by playing a game which today is known as "" ("historic kickball") in the . The young aristocrats of the city would dress up in fine silk costumes and embroil themselves in a violent form of football. For example, players could punch, shoulder charge, and kick opponents. Blows below the belt were allowed. The game is said to have originated as a military training exercise. In 1580, Count Giovanni de' Bardi di Vernio wrote . This is sometimes said to be the earliest code of rules for any football game. The game was not played after January 1739 (until it was revived in May 1930).