Jason Parham: So should we end Black History Month? My vote is no.

The Web is a great place to find out more about that history — in poetry, literature, the arts, sciences, sports and entertainment — making Black History Month a time of fun, celebration, and learning:

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I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history. ~Morgan Freeman

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Governor Rick Scott's Black History Month Art Contest is open to all K-3 students in Florida. Two winners will be selected and notified after February 2, 2017.

Importance of Black History Month

Entry Dates: Entries must be mailed to Volunteer Florida: Black History Month Committee, 3800 Esplanade Way, Suite 180, Tallahassee, Florida 32311. All entries must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, January 20, 2017. Emailed or faxed entries will not be accepted. Contestants are responsible for all shipping costs.

Below are the top 10 Black history month scholarships with deadlines in February 2014:

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But maybe, hopefully, Black History Month is an education and celebration of black history that has for centuries been ripped from and denied to black people. I can get behind this! If that's the case, then Black History Month is a cool little start, but nothing more. (It used to be only a week long!) Black history isn't tangential to American history, or extraneous. It is American history. The Supernegroes and cool parts should be taught, just as the ugly, heartbreaking, and worst, nigh-unbelievable parts are. That's not a 28-day-a-year endeavor. And so I think Black History Month is a necessary step in the direction of teaching black history as American history. But as long as black history is ghettoized to just one month, it's a lot harder for me to get behind.

Since its creation, Black History Month has played an important role in highlighting the important contributions of African Americans …

I think, though, that Black History Month is, or at least should be, about education, since black history has been separated from American history. But I don't know who is supposed to be getting educated every February. Is it for white (or more broadly, non-black) people? If so, I don't think a month-long, Disneyfied crash course on slavery is really helping the situation. My best friend, who's been around my family as long as I can remember, is white. We're brothers at this point, and he loves and empathizes with me, even cooler, other black people who aren't me. He gets it. But he doesn't really know shit about black history. He doesn't know where Selma is or why it matters. He can't rattle off Nelly's five singles. If this is what Black History Month is for, it's a failure.
A brief look at the history of African Americans and Black History Month.

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The origins of Black History Month can be traced back to a man named  (1875-1950).

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It's too late, America's already racist, forged from it, so perhaps Black History Month can serve as more than a greatest hits but rather a platform to have that overdue discussion about why America even needs a "nigger" or boogie man to play against as this thread suggested. And then we can move forward as a country. Although my sarcastic mind is already saying, 'But, but, but human interaction is often built upon separation, so undoing the need for a "nigger" would undo THE FABRIC OF SOCIETY.'

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Importance of Black History Month

Black History is also important because there are manyforces today, right now in America, which wants to reset the clock and gobackwards in time to those racist days when Black people were white propertyand considered little more than beasts of burden. There are others still whowant to revise American history to sanitize and clean the odious practice slaveryand America's unsavory history. They want us to ignore the fact that more than10 of the Founding Fathers were slave-owners and at least one of them fathereda child with his "Black female property." That is American and Black history asshameful as it looks and sounds.