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The most extensive alterations concerned Aboriginal history. I was surprised at the omission of a paragraph on the Aboriginal cricketers of 1868, the first to tour England. My section on Aboriginal People, placed last, opened with "The success of Australia was built on lands taken from Aboriginal people." This survived, though it emerges less boldly now since it follows material on Aboriginal culture added by writers unknown and does not even commence a paragraph. My treatment of frontier conflict, which was not close to the Windschuttle school, survived, so that migrants now learn of governors occasionally sanctioning punitive expeditions and the operation of the native police in Queensland. My few lines on the historical controversies over Aboriginal deaths on the frontier and the removal of Aboriginal children both disappeared, though the signal that these were matters of controversy survived. The passage on frontier deaths read as follows, with words omitted shown in italics:

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As a university student in the early 1980s and as a political journalist for most of the 1990s and well beyond, the issues surrounding Britain’s continental occupation, of terra nullius and native title, were certainly in my consciousness. Dispossession, to my mind—thanks to what I’d learned in HSC Australian History—certainly happened when the white men came and forced the Aborigines off their land. The Aborigines’ dismal plight was compounded, of course, by European disease and grog. I had some minor consciousness of widespread violence against Tasmania’s Aborigines and I was compelled and moved by the shameful stories of the forced removal of Aboriginal children. But thanks—either to the shortcomings of my formal education or to a profound absence of curiosity on my part—organised colonial violence against Indigenous Australians was largely confined to the island state.

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Aborigine Ethnic Minorities In Australia History Essay. Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015. This essay has been submitted by a student.

Mistreatment of Australian Aboriginals Cases of oppression are very much present within our worlds history, and even in most societies today.
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To my surprise I became the author of the official history of Australia, the one that the Howard government distributed to migrants so that they could prepare for the new citizenship test. The draft I wrote disappeared into the offices of the immigration minister and the prime minister. At some stages it looked like it would not survive or that a few sentences would be incorporated into an altogether different version. But finally it emerged more or less as I had written it - with some additions and deletions that I will detail below. Its survival is surprising because in its organisation it defied the policy of the government that commissioned it - for it is arranged thematically and not as a continuous narrative. John Howard made narrative the touchstone of good history. He called a History Summit to get a commitment to narrative from the history professionals; he ended his TV election debate with Kevin Rudd with a promise that if he were re-elected, a narrative history of Australia would be part of the school curriculum. But a continuous narrative is not what migrants get to read - and I believe their understanding of their new homeland will be the better for it.

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My pro-education grandmother inspired me by her love of learning. Though she didn’t have much formal education, she always made a strong point of learning throughout her life; even up to her last years, she’d write essays on her beloved topic of Australian history for her own enjoyment, not for any particular audience.

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was Gavin Long's short history of Australia's role in World War II. In 1943 Long proposed producing a short history of Australia's role in the war as soon as possible after the war ended. This did not eventuate, however, and was the second last volume to be published. Long began work on the book in 1945 and continued on it throughout the official history project. is "derived almost entirely" from the work of the 13 authors of the official history series, and these authors drafted substantial parts of the book. While Long completed the book's manuscript in 1967, its publication was delayed until 1973 while the second volumes in the Navy and Civil series were completed. As a result, Long did not live to see the book published as he died in October 1968.