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DBQ Activities: Students will complete at least one DBQ and/or Continuity and change essay per unit. In place of a term paper, students will create an AP World History–style DBQ of their own.

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Every AP World History course culminates in the three-hour-and-five-minute AP World History exam. Half of students’ exam scores are based upon their responses to seventy multiple-choice questions, answered in fifty-five minutes; the other half of their AP scores is based on three response questions: a Documents-Based question, a Change-over-time question, and a Comparative essay. Each response counts for one third of the free response half of the exam—that is, one-sixth of a student’s score.

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Be sure to review the DBQ page is for all things related. the essay questions asked on the AP. Essay is a type that is commonly used on the AP World History. How to Write a CCOT Essay.

The 2nd edition has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the AP World History coursethat went into effect last year.

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AP World History Objective Mid-term Exam A. he produced a male heir. B. he remained the strongest in the kingdom. C. he performed the correct ritual sacrifices. D. he kept the loyalty of the military. E. he remained a wise and principled guardian of his people. 16. What does the practice of feng shui accomplish? A. It is a term for “Divine Judgement,” a kind of karmic response from Heaven. B. It scares away ghosts of the ancestors. C. It is part of the process in silk production. D. It orients buildings in harmony with the heavens. E. It is a treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. 17. The concept of yin and yang represented the complementary nature of A. warrior and emperor in times of trouble. B. male and female roles in the natural order. C. religion and the state to Chinese society. D. the wisdom of age and strength of youth. E. good and evil in Chinese morality. 18. The fundamental idea of Daoism can be summarized as: A. Emphasizing aggressive action and radical change. B. Unquestioning obedience to authority, and reverence for structure brings success. C. Emphasizing communal action to promote the betterment of society. D. Accepting the world as you find it, avoiding useless struggles, and adhering to the “path” of nature. E. Technological and social progress can solve all social ills. 19. The Chinese political system which relied primarily on strict laws and punishments in order to compel the people to behave is called A. Daoism. B. Legalism. C. Confucianism. D. Moism. E. Rationalism 20. Which of the following is not one of the advantages of iron over bronze? A. Iron is easier to obtain. B. There are many potential sources of iron ore. C. Iron is more decorative. D. Iron is a single metal. E. Iron has a harder edge. 21. After the Middle Kingdom, Egypt came under foreign domination for the first time under the A. Hittites. B. Hebrews. C. Hyksos. D. Hansa. E. Huns. 22. The pharaoh Tutankhamun is most famous A. for making Egypt into an aggressive world power.
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And rubric setting process at the AP. DBQ Essay WORLD HISTORY. Essay essay compare and contrast. Where he was introduced to Global World. Generic Rubric AP World History. Compare and Contrast essay.

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Generic Rubric for Comparative Essays PDF fileAP World History Generic Rubric for Comparative Essays BASIC CORE. Scoring guidelines ap world history compare college board ap world. Essay rubric ap world history. Rubric Compare Contrast Essay Ap. Automatically formats, alphabetize, and prints bibliographies for free.

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B. because he ended the Akhenaten reforms. C. being the pharaoh who freed the Hebrews from slavery. D. as being the only ruler defeated by a foreign army. E. for the discovery by archaeologists of his wealthy tomb. 23. The Minoan civilization was established in A. the island of Malta. B. southwestern Macedonia. C. southern Greece. D. the hills of Anatolia. E. the island of Crete. 24. Although Minoan writing is undeciphered, Minoan artifacts indicate that A. they disliked goods from other lands. B. they came from Anatolia. C. most Minoans were illiterate. D. they had widespread trade connections. E. they were completely isolated from the Mediterranean world. 25. The Minoan civilization collapsed around A. 1850 B.C.E. B. 1450 B.C.E. C. 1050 B.C.E. D. 850 B.C.E. E. 350 B.C.E. 26. What did German businessman Heinrich Schleiman find in 1876? A. the evidence of the Mycenaean civilization B. the evidence of the Minoan civilization C. the evidence of Sumerian civilization D. the tomb of Pharoah Akhenaten E. the acropolis in Greece 27. The rise of Mycenaean civilization can be explained primarily through cultural influence from A. Egypt. B. Anatolia. C. Crete. D. Syria. E. Macedonia. 28. The myths and literary practices of the Mycenaeans may be traced in A. The Epic of Gilgamesh. B. Homer’s Iliad. C. Virgil’s Aeneid. D. The Secret History of Mycenae. E. Hesiod’s Works and Days. 29. Long distance contact in the Mediterranean lands was based on A. camel caravans. B. sailing.