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...Essay Assignment #1 History can be used as a stepping stone in understanding the contemporary world and why its relevance can be connected to what has happened in the past to what is happening today. One of these examples in history that has made a huge impact in today’s world is the social and economic inequalities leading up to the American Revolution. The cause of the Revolution was due to many of the grievances that colonists had for the British. Knowing this fact, we can better understand how this is useful and relevant in understanding the economic inequalities in Egypt which led to the Revolution in 2011. The American Revolution was fought because of numerous unresolved conflicts that the colonists had with the British. Even after the war, there were problems still lingering. Some of these issues included freedom of expression, voting rights and political participation, and the Inflation of goods. Many of these disagreements resulted in rioting and protests, as well as boycotting of goods and such. Let’s start with freedom of expression. Speech was limited in Britain, but if referring to the boundary outside of Parliament, then there was no legal protection for freedom of speech. Moreover, an individual could be beheaded for criticizing the king and the government. Even before the Revolution, voting rights and the political participation was very limited when electing government officials. There were property qualifications in order to vote in America. For...

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  A compelling and provocative story led by an excellent performance by Edward Norton.

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America began as an unusually individualistic society—more precisely, a voluntaristic society, as I explain below—and only became more so. More Americans participated in more groups of more kinds, including relatively new kinds of groups, such as clubs, work teams, and free-floating friendships. They not only took advantage of these social options to form new sorts of bonds, they also used them to maintain independence from and voice in each group. The broadest example is how women gained greater power in American households.

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The film then returns to the scene where Danny is typing his assignment in his room. The next morning Danny heads off to school with his paper in his hand. Derek walks him to school and seems quite worried as they walk the streets. The audience understands Derek’s worry without the characters even speaking a word because they can infer that the relatives or friends of the two black men that he killed will seek revenge. Derek drops Danny off at the front of his school. Danny then enters the male’s bathroom. A few seconds later a young African American young boy approaches Danny and shoots him violently with a gun. Derek hears the gunshot and commotion from outside and runs inside the school building. He enters the bathroom and finds Danny laying on the floor with blood spatter everywhere. He runs to Danny, grabs him and begins to sob with tears. The movie then ends with the voice of Danny finishing the conclusion of his essay. "Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it." He then ends the movie with a quote: "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies, though passion may have strength, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic cores of memory will swell and again and touch as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature."

A compelling and provocative story led by an excellent performance by Edward Norton.
A compelling and provocative story led by an excellent performance by Edward Norton.

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MLK begins to explain how Birmingham quite possibly could be the most segregated city in the United States where direct action needs to take place and countless times has he, several members of his staff and other fellow African Americans been let down by broken promises, suffered deep disappointment and harsh brutality. Therefore, MLK's solution is to seek through non-violent protests, "direct action whereby it would create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate (Birmingham) is forced to confront the issue. It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored" . MLK argues it would be unwise to sit idly by and let injustice occur. Instead of waiting for a more "timely" opportunity, he feels that "justice too long delayed is justice denied" and now is the time to act. In the next paragraph he takes a strong emotional approach to tell the clergymen what he has witnessed his whole life due to the stinging effect of segregation. From that, MLK illiterates the point that this violence and segregation roots from not the White Citizen's Council or the KKK, but the white moderate. He feels that their devotion to order rather than justice is the main cause of the social disorder. By simply allowing African Americans to get beaten and imprisoned to relieve the tension is better than negotiation to achieve justice. MLK's humble, non-aggressive tone hits quite hard by way of using examples of past experiences, past historical figures and visible details to reach throughout his rhetoric so reach to the white moderate to support the Civil Rights Movement. MLK's moral and polite mannerisms are quite diverse to some other Civil Rights leaders of that time such as Malcolm X.

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American History X is an invigorating movie that takes its viewers on a journey in a well thought and unsuspecting plot. The main character is consumed with hatred for every race excluding white Protestants. When he encounters desocialization/resocialization in a prison, he changes his thoughts and beliefs, and they follow him even after he leaves the prison. Groupthink and deviance are both displayed in this movie thoroughly. While groupthink is accepted in society and portrayed as the norm, deviance…

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A different challenge to my description of American national character points out that voluntarism hardly applies to the extremely involuntary experience of slaves and their descendants unto this day. Does this not negate the claim of a singular, national character? No. All national cultures are complex and contradictory. The centrality in American life of this particular contradiction is precisely what earned its racial caste system the label of The American Dilemma. Nonetheless, in the centuries-old contest between the Northeastern culture of voluntarism and Southern hierarchical culture, it is clear which side has had history—and armies and wealth and ideological power—on its side, which side has long claimed national dominance. The victims of the defeated system, which was finally defeated only about a generation ago, are now and only too-slowly benefitting.