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-Comprehensive notes and essay plans covering German history 1900-45.-Notes tailor made to the Edexcel A-Level History course, option D4 (Kaiser to Fuhrer, German History 1900-45). But, content applicable to all exam boards.-Notes are in a concise, bullet point format, which is easy to read, yet the notes also contain all the information, statistics and examples needed to get 100% and full UMS marks.-Notes compiled using 4 different, key textbooks and several revision guides, as well as extra research from books and the internet. -Included are essay plans too, covering the majority of past questions, as well as predicted questions, with outlines of an answer in bullet-point format, with all the key information and detail needed to answer the question.

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Writing degree-level history essays is not about regurgitation. It is generally agreed that the difference between a passable essay and a first class piece of work is the amount of original thought and input which the student includes. Writing an essay is not supposed to be a form of worship in which various historical text books are venerated. Although you must always back up your arguments with evidence, you should assume, until proven otherwise, that your mind is as good as anybody else's.

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Many questions relate to key concepts in history. For example, if you are asked ‘What were the causes of the French Revolution?’, the key concepts are causes and revolution. What do you mean by the French Revolution? Is it primarily the violent challenge to royal authority in 1789, the creation of a new political order, a marked ideological discontinuity, the process of socio-economic change, or, if a combination of all of these, which takes precedence and requires most explanation? What do you understand by causes? Are we talking primarily about long-term, ‘structural’ factors that caused problems, or about precipitants that led to a breakdown of the existing situation? These issues need discussing explicitly, out-in-the-open. That is key to a good essay at university level. They should not be left unspoken and unaddressed; and your discussion of them should reflect your awareness that issues are involved in the analysis, and that you are capable of addressing them. You also need to be aware that there will be different answers and this should guide your handling of the concepts. This leads into Methodology.

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We are in the process of creating a Reading Like a Historian curriculum for world history. We currently have 41 lessons available from across the world history sequence. More lesson plans are under development. We will continue releasing them over the next few months. Initially, we are placing these plans across three general units: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Similar to the U.S. curriculum, the world history materials consist of 1-2 day, stand alone lesson plans that address historical questions. All lessons include sets of adapted documents and guiding questions. Several come with PowerPoints and graphic organizers. It is important to note that we have not designed these materials with a particular grade level in mind. We encourage teachers to further adapt these lessons for their own classrooms.