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Research papers on recent events that happened in the 20th Century can be hard to write. There isn't as much perspective on the event and generally, many professors have very different opinions on why contemporary events occur. Take the stock market crash of 1929 - some economists are still arguing about the exact cause. Let Paper Masters help you decide what approach to take when writing a research paper on an event in the 20th Century. Need help picking a topic on 20th Century History? See our US History topic suggestions below to get an idea on how to correlate the 20th Century and US history.

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20th Century

The twentieth century had been tumultuous, particularly during the former half, the world witnessing two major world wars, many revolutions and nationalist struggles, each holding a significant bearing on the other. The major events being discussed are -- Chinese Revolution, Russian Revolution, India's independence, World War I and Treaty of Versailles and World War II. Though the events do not chronologically fall in order, each spanning over a few too many years, the developments and undercurrents of one has greatly influenced the other.

Chinese Revolution

Revolution in China began in 1911 with the National Party of China -- Kuo Min Tang -- playing the major role initially. The prime motive of Revolution was to solve the political and economic problems that plagued the Chinese society during the turn of the century --feudalism and semi-feudal patterns of relations in agricultural production, introducing agrarian reforms with modern methods of production,……

History Of Cambodia In The 20th Century History Essay

All of these wars, conflicts, revolutions, civil wars, and genocides shaped the 20th century. Below is a chronological list of the major wars of the 20th century.

Towards the end of the 20th century,  developed due to the development of  and later the .

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Television. Perhaps as no other medium in the history of humankind, television became such an integral part of the human condition during the latter part of the 20th century that no one today can likely imagine what life would truly be like without it. Television has certainly had a major impact on American society (Chalkey, 1993). Although many children and adults are spending more time on the computer than watching television in the 21st century, people could not get enough of the medium in the 20th century. Television became enormously popular and served as a unifying cultural force, a ubiquitous purveyor of goods and services, and the "boob tube" has transformed the human condition in America ever since. According to Marilou M. Johnson (2001), "Television programming has the power to inform, to guide, to persuade and to cause audience members to react with a variety of emotions. This power is……

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What is 20th Century History All About?
Since 1945, there has been increasing interplay between domestic and regional events and international developments.
This unit focuses on the Cold War Period and investigates the Vietnam War as a major event of post-war history.

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20th Century Art History's Response To New Technology

hile Norman Rockwell's 1949 magazine cover "The New Television Set" suggests both delight and humor to the viewer, in portraying the confusion of middle-class Americans faced with new technological innovations, Edward Hopper's 1940 oil on canvas work "The Office at Night" and "The Family-Industry and Agriculture" oil of printmaker Harry Sternberg (1939) suggest a much darker version of human beings' collective response to the impersonal nature of modern industrialization and technology.

This contrast is due to three major reasons -- firstly, Rockwell's painting deals with human's use of technology in their leisure time, in contrast to the mechanization of the modern office and of modern farming. Secondly, Rockwell painted his work after the end of orld ar II, and the advent of much greater American prosperity than had been enjoyed during the time when "The Family-Industry and Agriculture" by Harry Sternberg were……